Daffodils day art

Room 21 had lots of fun making lovely daffodils on daffodil day!!

They sure brighten up the room :)

We also looked at some lovely Daffodil poems. Thank you Emily and Lily for reading them out to the parents on reflection day.

Canterbury cricket

Last week Room 21 had the privilege to have Canterbury cricket come and teach us some new games and some cricket skills.
Here are some photos of Room 21 in action.

CARE focus

Week 2/3 CARE values focus: CLASSROOM

In Room 21 we show our C.A.R.E values in the classroom!!

  • Be aware of others.
  • Clean up after yourself.

Active Thinking
  • Contribute to class and group discussions.
  • Use your time wisely.

  • Use appropriate language and keep hands and feet to yourself.
  • Listen to, and respect, others' opinions, ideas and differences.
  • Respect your own, and others, right to learn.

  • Follow book standards.
  • Know your learning goals and actively work to achieve them.

Literacy Learning

A "in the moment" video. Here's Room 21 enjoying some relaxing music to help them concentrate.  This video shows some awesome learning the students are doing and how focussed they are.
A very proud moment at how far these little guys/girls have come since the start of the year!

Junior Choir Videos

Family and Friends

Here is one of our junior choir songs for this term. I will also add it to the poems and songs tab.