Celebration of Learning

During the last week of Term 2 Room 21 got the opportunity to share their amazing work in topic and writing (Habitats and Species) with Room 10, and vice versa.

The students really enjoyed listening to their buddies, and their confidence came out when sharing their own work! You guys have come a long way since the start of the year!!! So proud of all of you.

Term 3, week 1-2 Values Lesson focus: THE PLAYGROUND!

In Room 21 we show our C.A.R.E values in the playground!


Get involved and take turns. - Try and join in a game, ask first.

Share and use equipment fairly. - Take equipment out and share with other.IMG_2197.JPG

2016-02-29 09.49.24.jpg

Active Thinking

Agree on game rules and play fairly.
Be a caring friend. - Being nice, invite people to join in your games.

2016-02-29 09.48.51.jpg



Return gear to appropriate place.

Use appropriate language. Use nice words.

Hands and feet to yourself.

Listen to/ speak to duty teachers with respect.

2016-02-29 09.54.04.jpgIMG_2200.JPG


Try your best. - Resilience, persevere, try till it works.

Play safely - play in the right areas, tag from the shoulder to the waist.

2016-02-29 09.49.34.jpg


Maori language week

WALT: create different shapes from our stars that reminds us about Matariki.

We can do this when:  we create the correct shape of a cluster of stars and work together as a team to do it. 


Room 21's beautiful Rainforest creation.  This was a great way to celebrate all we have learnt about animals and habitats this term.