Labour Weekend

Thank you to all the parents and children who worked really hard to share what they did over the long weekend. The children loved sharing their slide and talking about what they did with other children in the class.

Potato Planting

Potato Slideshow 1 on PhotoPeach Potato Slideshow 2 on PhotoPeach Potato Slideshow 3 on PhotoPeach Potato Slideshow 4 on PhotoPeach Potato Slideshow 5 on PhotoPeach

Term 4 reading treat

This term as our treat for all children who had finished their whole holiday reading log in Rm 20, 21 and 22, we got out a heap of exciting PE gear for the children to have free time with. 

Reading Treat on PhotoPeach
Well done everyone for working so hard in the holidays on your reading!!

Shake Out!

Last week we joined 1.3million other people who participated in the Shake out. When children were told to stop, drop and cover. They did really well to turtle as fast as possible. When our music cue started we then headed outside to line up and finish practising our emergency procedure.

Well done Room 21 for staying so calm and being so fast at your turtle!

The Amazing Mural

Mr Rush has been busy over the holidays, hanging all the amazing murals that we completed last term.

We were so excited to find ours on the wall outside Mrs Trotter's office.