Oaklands Jump Off!!

Yesterday we were lucky enough to get out and do our Jump off!! Here are some photos of us skipping!

Oaklands Jump Off on PhotoPeach

Plasticine Boats

Does plasticine float?

No, it doesn't
Yes, it does!

We talked about density again.

Can you see what we did to the balls of plasticine we had, to make them float?

Our weekend adventures

It was wonderful to see all the exciting things that the children got up to over the weekend. It was great to hear the children sharing their stories with other children and discussing the slideshow with each other.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to do this for us. 
We really appreciate it.

Oaklands New Band!!

Today at assembly we got a special performance from some of our talented teachers. Have a listen below!

Dancing Raisins & Magic Eggs

Try these fun experiments at home.

A Magic Egg
Fresh eggs will sink if dropped into water, but this egg is suspended in the middle of this glass - how is that possible? 

The magic word is density.

You need:
A tall glass
6 tablespoons of salt.
  • Mix the salt with half a glass of water - give it 10 min to dissolve.
  • Carefully pour fresh water into the glass - holding the glass on an angle helps to stop the fresh and salt waters mixing.
  • Gently drop the egg into the glass.

Junior Choir

Shape Collages

This week we have created collages using different shapes. We have had a great time learning all about shapes.

Shape Collages on PhotoPeach

Floating and Sinking

We are learning about floating and sinking.

We watched this video to get our brains thinking.

We tried to think of all....
  • the things that float
  • the things that sink
We then did an investigation to find out if certain items would float or sink.
First we made a prediction for each item - Float or Sink?
Then we observed what happened when the item was dropped in the water.

What do you think?
  • A feather?
  • A small wooden block?
  • A stone?
  • A light bulb?
  • A walnut shell?
  • A metal clip

Our geometry learning

Over the last 2 weeks we have been learning all about shapes. Instead of our normal number Must do's, we have had to do 3 geometry activities everyday. Below are some photos of us doing some of our independent activities and some of the learning activities with the teacher.



Showing our values at assembly.

Room 21's Weekend Adventures

Thank you to all the families who added photos to our slideshows. The children really enjoyed seeing these this morning and talking about their weekends.