Breakout - Art

For art we are learning to sketch with Mrs Bergman. We are sketching Polynesian flowers that we will be drawing and painting onto our Mural.

Breakout - PE

This week at PE we were learning our 4 gymnastic shapes - stretch, straddle, pike and tuck. 

We practised the shapes and gave each other feedback and next steps to make our shapes even better. 

Ask your child to show you the 4 gymnastic shapes!


We have begun our Technology learning.

We started by talking about the word Technology. We thought about what it might mean and what we might be learning during our technology sessions.

We found out that technology is all about meeting needs and fixing problems.

Our Need/Problem

We found out that the technology process also involves following a brief.

Our Brief
  • a vehicle
  • with at least two wheels
  • that can travel by itself once it has been pushed
We tried to follow this brief by using recycled materials.

We talked about what worked and what we found difficult. We decided on some things we need to learn to help us to be more successful.
  • Making holes in plastic
  • Getting things to stick together
  • Making the wheels turn.

Whole Class Measurement

On Friday, we went outside and measured on the playground, the deck and the courts. We used trundle wheels, measuring tapes metre rulers. We had heaps of fun showing each other how we can measure. 

We walked the Cross Country route with a trundle wheel and counted how many metres we had run. 750 metres!!!

Measurement on PhotoPeach

Term 2 Celebration of Learning

On Friday we had our Celebration of Learning. The performances were amazing. We have so many talents at Oaklands School. Below are some of the performances that we saw:

Senior Kapa Haka

Senior Choir

Guitars with Mr M

Junior Dance Group

Room 21 Children in dance group

Junior Kapa Haka

Room 21 Children in Junior Kapa Haka

Senior Dance Group

Mrs Trotter speaking

Farewell to Mrs Small

National Anthem with Mr M and instruments.