Making our kites and flying them

As part of our Motion unit, we made kites. We took the kites outside to fly and the children reflected on what happened when they took their kites outside to fly.

Making our Kites

Making our Kites on PhotoPeach 

Flying our Kites

Flying our Kites on PhotoPeach

The children reflected on their kites. A lot said that it kept twisting when they tried to fly it and that they needed to make it tilt. The children then added extras to their kites to try and make them fly better.

Flying a second time on PhotoPeach

Reflecting on Being Self Aware

At the beginning of the term, we reflected on our ability to complete our Literacy and Numeracy tasks independently and our ability to talk about what we were learning.

In Week 8, we reflected again to decided if we were improving. We also thought about how well we were completing our learning - Were we showing excellence by completing our Literacy and Numeracy tasks properly?

Making and flying Kites

Today we made kites and then took them outside to see if they would fly.

At reflection we thought about what was hard and what was easy when we made them and what happened when we went outside to fly them. The children chose one of their ideas to share.

James: My kite was twirling so it wasn't flying properly.

Josie: My kite didn't fly and Te Paea was watching it.

Isis: My kite didn't fly but it was doing tricks like twirling.

Madi W: It was easy to put the string through the wee slits.

Noah: My kite just flew above my head where it needed to go.

Sophie: I found cutting the paper to make the kites easy.

Dion: My kite flew when I threw it up in the air.

Sasha:  It was easy to make the kite because it was really fun. The whole thing was easy.

Madeline: It was easy to put the drawing of the finger spaces.

Max: I think it was a bit tricky when you had to put the string through the holes in the straws. It was a bit hard to put it through the holes.

Pixie: The easy part for me was when it flew. It twirled a little.

Lucas: It was hard to fold and cellotape. It was swirling behind me not up in the air.

Mehdi: The easy part was putting the string in the straws.

Matthew: It was easy when we were putting the string through the holes.

Madison: The hardest part for me was when I had to thread the string through the straws. Sophie helped me.

Zoe: The trickiest part was threading the string and Madi W helped me with all of it because it was difficult. 

Zara: The trickiest part was making our kites and sticking the string around the straws.

Robert D: The hardest part was to put the string in through the straws.

Ahron: The cutting out was easy and writing my name was easy.

Datsyn: The tricky part was the string for me because it keep on popping out and it went on sideways.

Carlos: The easy bit was the cellotape and the straws and the hard bit was folding because I cut it too short.

PE time

We have been learning throwing and catching skills at PE time with Room 20. Here are some photos of our warm up activity which is called Freeze and Thaw.

Celebrating our Success

Congratulations to all our children who have been doing fabulous reading and have got their bookmarks for 50 nights of reading!!

Well done to all the children who have been showing our value of Excellence at school!

Buddy Reading

We had a great time with our buddies reading to them and having them read to us. We asked each other questions about our stories.
Thanks Room 9!!

Be Curious & Question

This week we focused on the Learner Dispositions of Be Curious and Question during our Action Stations for Maths and Reading in Room 20 and 21. 
This shows our value of Active Thinking.

What new "Can Dos" did you try this week?

Sophie M: I tried the supermarket instead of always being on Puppet Pals

Myles: I went to the supermarket.

Mela: I tried My Shopping List instead of painting all the time.

Keisha: I tried sketching

Lucas M: I tried painting.

Isis: I tried Puppet Pals

Why is it important to try something new?

Avia: Because you will get better at it.

Katie: Because if you do the same thing over again other people won't get a turn.

Greer: Because if you do the same thing over again , you won't know how to do other things because you don't do anything different

Sasha: Trying something new is actually being self aware.

Christina: If you only do the same activities you will never learn how to do the other things.