At the Air Force Museum

The children had a great time exploring at the Air Force Museum. For the first half of our time there we did a scavenger hunt looking at all the interesting things at the Museum.

Air Force Museum Visit on PhotoPeach

For the second half we were with Chris in the classroom doing some learning about air and flight. Air Force Classroom Learning on PhotoPeach

Chris taught us about how things lift and how we need to put them on an angle for the air to lift.

 We talked about Propellers and Rotor blades and how they make different things move.


 We talked about air and what we need it for. Chris showed us that fire needs air to burn too.


 We created our own rotor blades and experimented with them.


Pre Air Force Visit

Before we went to the Air Force Museum we wrote down all the things we knew about air and flight in Room 21. The children had great ideas.