Room 20 sharing

Room 20 came to share their big book about pukekos with us.

Commonwealth Games

We had a great afternoon out at our Commonwealth Games. We had some great activities. We got to do hurdles, blind marathon, and the obstacle course. It was so much fun. Thanks to all the parents who came to support us.

Our Pet Day Parade

We had an awesome time seeing all the animals that came to school today.

We show excellence!!!

We have been working really hard to show excellence and this week the whole class is all green. Well done Room 21. We have all been making good choices and have been on task all week!

Writing week

This week we did some amazing writing. 

Our first stop drop and write was a shared story. We had to use the words snow, ice, cracking and sled.

The second story we had to use the words torture, scream, prisoner and crazy.

We wrote some acrostic poems. First we wrote one together about animals.

In groups we created one about Oaklands School.

Best Dressed!!

We had a secret vote in Room 21 today. We each wrote down 2 names that we thought had the best costume. The people who got the most votes were Bea who dressed as a Zebra from the book How the Zebra got his Stripes and Rose who was Angelina Ballerina. They got to go on stage. The whole class got to stand up and share their costumes with the school.


We enjoy sharing our poetry together.


We have been enjoying doing singing this term with Mr M. We have been learning the words to 4 songs that we are going to perform at the jubilee production performance. 

Performances at assembly today.

Today the Kapahaka and the choir performed at the Kākano assembly.

Awesome work in the Kapahaka Oliver, Finn, Harrison, Liam, Jack, Jake, Bea!

The choir also performed.

Well done Bea - great singing!!

Topic Writing

The dance community worked really well as a team and came up with lots of ideas about what participating and contributing looks like at dance.

The drama community came up with ideas that were important to participating and contributing and some that weren't very important.

The music community had lots of discussions about what a good community member looked like when they were working together. They had to talk lots about sharing. They came up with ideas that were important and some that weren't important to music.

The dance community had lots of leaders in it and took a little while to get started. They came up with lots of ideas that were relevant to participating and contributing at dance.

Jump Off

We had a great day on Friday at our Jump Rope for Heart Jump off. Here are some photos of our skipping relays.

SPCA visit at assembly

Myrtle came to visit us at assembly. We found out about SPCA. 


We had lots of people getting their bronze CARE award for showing our school values.


Today our buddies came to share stories with us.

We love working with our buddies.