Well done everyone who has been working hard to show our values!


Today we had discovery in our own class with lots of fun exploring.

Some of us were making felt shows to share with each other.

We could make daffodils because today is Daffodil day.

We had yellow play dough for Daffodil Day and made lots of different things. Some of us were even making pranks for each other.

We made lots of things with box construction.  We had computers being made and lots of tornadoes.

ASB Getwise

Today we had a visitor come and talk to us about how we could be cash-tastic with our money. We had some cash-tastic super hero training.


Today we were all trying to do the criss cross at fitness time.


At reading today we were working quietly with others. We showed respect by not disturbing the people at the learning table.

Junior Kapahaka

Some of our children are in the Junior Kapahaka and have been doing some really cool learning at lunch time on a Monday.


This week at gymnastics we moved our bodies like different animals. We then practised the rolls we learned last week - the hedgehog roll and the pencil roll. 

After this we made a sequence with a shape at the beginning and the end with a roll in the middle. The children really enjoyed this and gave each other feedback on things they liked about the sequences and how they could improve. 

CARE certificates

Room 21 children having been doing some AMAZING learning!! Look at all the CARE certificates that were given out today.

Ka pai Room 21 - Keep up the good work!!

Christchurch Junior Cricket Metro Cricket ‘FUN DAY’

This week we had some cricket experts come in and give us a 30 minute session. We practised catching and then played a game of speed cricket.