Today we headed to the hall with Room 20 to do our first gymnastics session. We warmed up playing space invaders which is a game where we moved around a space in different ways and followed instructions to avoid contact with other players. After this we made different shapes with our bodies. We did a stretch, a straddle, a pike and a tuck.


Jack and Sophie Adams both got badges at Discovery this week.

Jack got his because he was able to play really well on the ukeleles and Sophie was showing Keisha how to braid when we were making poi.

Well done to both of you!!

What a great first week back!

We have had a great first week back. We have really enjoyed getting to know our new class member Katie.

This week we have been doing lots of fun co-operative games. Our favourite is alphabet bingo. We have also been sharing lots of our thinking and sharing so we can learn more about each other and build an even stronger community in Room 21.

Next week we are starting our very exciting integrated topic. The children have opted into an activity that they will do for the first 5 weeks. The different options are visual art, music, drama and dance. Please ask your child what they have been learning in their activity.