Fun Friday Sports Day

On Friday we had a fun sports day. The Kākano Team went out onto the courts and we did Jump Jam, played basketbball, did skipping, played target games and had a play on the playground. We spent 40 minutes outside doing these different activities and then at the end we all got to have an iceblock. We had a great time!!!

Kākano Jump Jam Group performing at assembly.

See if you can spot the room 21 children. We have Silke, Bea, Avia, Ashley, Sophie, Jayden, Jun, Zubia, Greer and Rose. Great job guys!!

Bubble art.

Today we did bubble art to go with our bubble writing.

The language was great the children did loads of talking as they worked. They enjoyed looking at the splatters on each other's faces which lead them to start talking about chicken pox and colourful freckles.

These are some comments I heard.

Look at this Miss deSchot. They are joined together - Jack
The yellow went over the other one- Bea
Mine turned big and popped in my eye - Te Paea
Mine mixed -Liam
Mine had made big splashes -Oliver
My bubble is spinning - Zane
The black is closer to the blue - Jun
The bubble got big and sometimes they don't pop when you put them down - Keisha

Discovery reflection

This week we reflected on discovery in groups and used these 3 sentence starters to help us share.

Assembly today

Today we led assembly.

We got to sit up the front to share our learning.

The birthdays in Room 21 this month are Te Paea, Jake, Zubia, Sophie and Keisha

Christina, Ashley and Rose have all achieved their bronze home learning.

Our Kowhaiwhai patterns

Art Skills Focus

The children will be able to:

• Hold a paint brush correctly

• Use a paint brush to demonstrate different techniques

• Use a different brush strokes
Our kowhaiwhai patterns on PhotoPeach

We created a kowhaiwhai pattern using a cardboard template that we created. We traced our koru shape 4 times to make a pattern and then we had to paint it using white, red and green.


Our poem for this week is called bubbles. Today we split into groups and heading outside to blow bubbles and talk about what we noticed. 

We blew about 5 at a time.
We tried to chase them.

They made different shapes.
There were lots of different colours.

I saw a face shape.

They make funny marks on the ground.
I wonder what is inside them?

We came back inside and brainstormed what we noticed and wondereda nod then wrote stories about it.